Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Villa Maria Lemon Grove in Minori on The Amalfi Coast

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My Daily Breakfast

Villa Maria Agroturismo is a beautiful Lemon Grove Farm in Minori Italy on the Amalfi Coast south of Positano and the town of Amalfi .. The owners Vincenzo and his wif Maria turned there lovely little farm in to an Agroturismo an 2000 .. An Agroturismo is a farm or vineyard in Italy where you stay on the property and have wonderful meals made from the products of the farm .. Villa Maria is primarily a Lemon Farm, but Vincenzo has Olive Trees (Olive Oil), Fruit Trees (Peaches, Pears, Apples), and Grapevines of which Vincenzo makes his own tasty white and red wine .. Yes he makes his own Olive Oil, Salami & Prosciutto from the pigs he keeps, as well as Eggs and Chicken from his poultry. So Vincenzo tends to the farm and makes Olive Oil, Wine, Salami, Fruit Preserves, and his own Lemoncello. Vincenzo's wife Mari does the cooking with her sister fro the most amazing Breakfast you've ever had in your life and fabulosu 4 Coruse Dinners every evening on the terrace. Villa Maria is a very special place that everyone who makes it there falls in love with the place, with Maria & Vincenzo as well.

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Antipasto Misti

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My Lunch
Pacceri al Vongole

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Me & My Buddy Vincenzo - Villa Maria


Maria in The KITCHEN  .. Villa Maria

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View of Minori from Villa Maria

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Minori e Mare



The Man Behind VILLA MARIA



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Villa Maria Terrazzo at Sunset


Sophia Loreen with PIZZA

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