Monday, February 19, 2024

Sunday Sauce gets 5 STAR Reviews - Best Italian Cookbooks




Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2024
If you were raised Italian American like me. What is wrong with people LYING 
about this great book? Someone said "vague recipes". WHAT? Every single 
of the NINETY recipes has specific quantities and instructions. It even goes 
so far as to advise you how to decrease or increase for fewer or more servings.

Every single recipe here, is EXACTLY how I know it, EXACTLY how we ate 
in South Philly growing up with our friends including Salvi Testa as a kid RIP.

This is an extensive comprehensive book of 90 great recipes and if you don't 
like reading funny stories and stuff then turn the page.

Maybe the haters don't have a sense of humor for example, he has a couple 
pages on "Gabbagool" and "'Scarole" with anecdotes and funny info before 
giving a recipe. How DARE he.

A super journey through Italian American cookery! A joy 
to read and the recipes are belters! Particularly the tomato/marinara debate!

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