Monday, January 4, 2016

Learn How to Make Lemoncello Recipe

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  Limoncello RECIPE

  Makes approx 2 litres | Preparation 20 days in storage | Cooking 10 mins

 10 unwaxed Lemons
 1 litre pure alcohol (or strong vodka or grappa)
 2 cups Sugar
 25 ounces water

Wash and peel the lemons, avoiding the white pith. Place the lemon peel in  a jar with a tight fitting lid and cover with the alcohol. If you can't find pure alcohol you can use strong un-flavoured vodka or a dry grappa.

Seal the jar and leave in a dark closet for 10 days. Remember to shake the contents every couple of days.

 Boil the water and add the sugar. Stir until completely dissolved and then set aside to cool completely. Strain the lemon mixture using a fine sieve and add to the water and sugar. Stir well and bottle. The liqueur will be ready to drink within 10 days. Serve ice cold from the freezer.

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