Sunday, September 8, 2013

Clemenza Sunday Sauce Cookbook Number 1 On AMAZON


Well boys and Girls the Italian-American Cookbook eveyone has been waiting 41 long years for arrived last week, Clemenza's Meatball Sunday Sauce, on making Clemenza's famous Mob War Sunday Sauce and other great Mobster and Italian-American Recipes .. The book is awesome and sure to be a Classic ... Daniel Bellino-Zwicke has put together a great book, followed up to other Italian Cookbook Favorites like; "La Tavola" and The Feast of The 7 Fish ...
Yes you'll learn how to make Clemenza's Famous Sauce from The Godfather in which Caporegime Pete Clemenza shows the Don's son Michael Corleone (AL PACINO) how to make Italian America's most "Supreme Dish" Sunday Sauce, "Some Call it Gravy."
You will delight in the Great Recipes and Mr. Bellino's wit and wisdom of Italian and Italian-American Food and Culture of which Daniel has few equals.
Clemenza's Meatball Sunday Sauce is a "Must Have" and sure to please just about everyone. "Fuggettabout-it" !!!

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